The Leadership Challenge®

Vision and Clarity

For Ages 8 -14

The program has 32 sessions. Each session is 60 mins. long. 

The aim of this program is to make your student the best leader he or she can be. This workshop is facilitated by a certified trainer.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be clear on your own key values, beliefs, and principles and be willing to let others know what they are.

  • Take stands on important issues and acting in ways that are consistent with stated values and intentions.

  • Have, and clearly convey, a vision; enlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations.

  • Actively seek and create new opportunities within the context of your values and vision.

  • Create a climate to experiment, take risks, generate small wins and learn from your mistakes.

  • Foster cooperative rather than competitive relationships among people you work with.

  • Feel capable of acting on your own initiative and use your power in service of others.

  • Show appreciation for both the big & small things your people do to achieve goals and model core values.

  • Truly believe in your leadership capabilities to lead yourselves and others well.