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Learn Online At Your Convenience! LeadYouth & College of Public Speaking, UK bring Public Speaking Workshop to make you a Confident, Charismatic and an Authentic speaker for LIFE!

Public Speaking Course

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** Course Benefits - What to expect?

Exceptional Communication Skills are your passport to success. Learn how to be an outstanding communicator and create massive impact on your audience. Transform the way you communicate forever, ensuring you command greater influence professionally, and ultimately become a more effective leader. Build strong meaningful relationships with friends and family for a fulfilling, happy and successful life. 

** Why do you need Public Speaking or Speaking skills now?

If you wish to succeed in school, work and life, you must learn to express yourself clearly. Yes, this involves hard work and dedication. And the sooner you start, the more effective your communication will become.

When you are applying for good universities, fulfilling jobs, making business deals or building relationships, you should already be speaking and writing effectively. To do really well, and to gain a head start on others, you will need to focus now.

So get started now. 

Top Learning Outcomes:

1. Never fear speaking in public again

2. Express with authenticity, clarity and confidence

3. Able to construct speeches and presentations

4. Deliver with impact

5. Take on leadership roles

** Learn from the experts!

Certificate Course with a Certified Coach! 

** Course Details:

This course is designed by LeadYouth advisors and international experts Vince Stevenson and Mike Douse, highly accomplished in Spoken Communication and various other related fields. The course is facilitated by trained specialist.

The Public Speaking course is designed to stretch and challenge the student. We not only address the technical aspects but also physiological and personal aspects. We will talk a lot about speaking psychology and communication theory and application in the real world. 

Students will be writing and making short speeches and debating on various topics. The topics are carefully chosen from top authors's works and research studies from Harvard Business School in leadership, public speaking/communication, entrepreneurship/business and personal growth disciplines. Students will also explore different styles and techniques to improve their communication skills. They will learn how to apply universal laws and mantras of public speaking, debating styles & techniques, improve body language, structure a speech, use rhetorics, metaphors and stylistic devices to persuade, arrange content for coherence, use mental models to practice delivery, and transform anxiety into excitement during speeches. We'll be doing lots of spontaneous/creative work too. Observing other successful speakers and debates will be another feature of the course, where we will analyze what they are doing and why. 

** Going Forward . . . 

You can reach us even after the workshop. We will mentor you on an ongoing basis if you choose to master the skill. 

** Ready?

Register Now! Don’t miss this incredible learning opportunity to empower yourself with essential skills to make the right choices and overcome challenges in your school, work and life. And enjoy doing so.

We look forward to making you into an authentic and a proficient speaker! 

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    Students have one year to complete the course. We do not offer refunds. Thank you.






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