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Discover why good grades and big degrees aren't enough to find success and satisfaction in life. Introducing a proven, easy and effective method for guaranteed success in school, work and life. Learn Leadership, Communication & Personal Skills. Take advantage of our flexible online program to start building a strong foundation now. Thank you.


About Me

Experienced Coaching Professional

I am Sarat, founder of MentorYouth. I coach, mentor and inspire students everyday to achieve extraordinary. I am an avid learner bringing the best content for my students so they have all the tools and skills to build a life exactly the way they want. We know that academic intelligence without positive keystone habits, success and growth mindset , and communication that fosters healthy relationships cannot take us very far. Ask not "If" and "What" I can do; ask yourself "How" & "When" I can transform my dreams into realities.

I draw my inspiration from my students' transformed personalities. I experience success almost every day ....a day that starts with a 4:30 am video call from my students wanting to share their progress, learn more and inspire others! 


“The toughest battle you will ever fight is with your own mind; your success is the proof of your intelligence and freedom to create an uncompromised life.”

Sarat Chakravarthi


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